Internationally Recognized as a Reliable Long Term Supplier

Vance Bioenergy is one of the largest producers of refined glycerine in Asia.

With a production capacity of 40,000 metric tons of refined glycerine per annum, we can offer large volume commitments to our customers based on long term contracts.

Vance Refined Glycerine is shipped to more than 56 countries worldwide.


Premium Quality

Vance Bioenergy is ISO 9001 certified for the manufacture of min. 99.7% purity refined glycerine.

Vance Refined Glycerine readily meets and exceeds USP (United States Pharmacopeia), EP (European Pharmacopeia), BP (British Pharmacopeia) and Food Grade (Food Chemicals Codex) standards.

Vance Refined Glycerine comes with GMP, HACCP, Kosher and Halal certifications.

Our refined glycerine is drummed in a controlled certified Clean Room to ensure adherence to the highest quality and hygiene standards.


Full Range of Packaging and Logistics Options

Vance Refined Glycerine is available in metal drums, HDPE drums, IBC totes, flexibags and ISO Tanks.

We can deliver in containers, road tankers and in bulk shipments on parcel tankers.

We do local delivery (in Malaysia and Singapore), FOB and CIF shipments.

We have a dedicated warehouse for the storage of drummed Vance Refined Glycerine.


Strong Counterparty for Trading

Vance Bioenergy is also a buyer and trader of refined glycerine and crude glycerine.

With a strong balance sheet, we are the ideal counterparty for your glycerine trading requirements.