Leading Biodiesel Producer in Malaysia

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Vance Bioenergy is the leading biodiesel exporter from Malaysia since 2006.

Being a pioneer in the industry, we have the most substantive track record of producing and delivering biodiesel on time and well within specifications.

With two state-of-the-art plants and a combined production capacity of 150,000 metric tons of biodiesel per annum, we are a trusted supplier to the oil majors and international oil trading companies.


High Standard of Quality Assurance

Vance Biodiesel meets and exceeds the international biodiesel standards such as MS 2008:2008, EN 14214, ASTM D-6751 and the Australian Biodiesel Standard.

ISO 9001 certification forms the backbone of our Quality Assurance System. We also have one of the most advanced and fully equipped biodiesel analytical laboratories in the industry.

Being a Full Member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we supply environmentally friendly and sustainable biodiesel.



Efficient Infrastructure and Logistics

Vance Bioenergy has 25,000 metric tons of on-site storage tank capacity.

Using dedicated road tankers, we have well established logistics arrangements to transport and deliver our biodiesel efficiently and on-time throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Our production facility is located within minutes of Johor Port where we have on-shore tanks to facilitate bulking and loading for large shipments of biodiesel by sea. Having a deep draft and the world’s single largest palm oil storage facility, Johor Port is the ideal port from which to ship biodiesel.


Strong Counterparty for Trading

Vance Bioenergy is also a buyer and trader of all forms of biodiesel.

Backed by a strong balance sheet, Vance Bioenergy is able to enter into large contracts with customers who may demand customized solutions that require fixed prices or indexation of prices, and as such require significant hedging in the paper and physical markets.

Vance Bioenergy is the ideal counterparty for your biodiesel trading requirements.